Cruising into Self-Publishing?

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest.

We must learn to sail in the high winds.

~ Aristotle Onassis

It was last fall when I enjoyed the successful Social WOW Factor Cruise Conference to Bermuda.  I added great memories to my business network who were also personal growth enthusiasts.  Summer has flown by so quickly I just realized it is time to begin packing for this year’s island hopping cruise conference again.

Our 2016 exploration will include four delightful Caribbean Islands on Royal Caribbean’s “Freedom of the Seas” with some serious, but fun, lifestyle entrepreneurs. When you are networking with top leaders interested in evolving and they consider themselves socially-responsible career professionals, you are bound to have a good time while you expand your business insights.

Imagine networking with a backdrop that offers live views from Haiti, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Cozumel.  I know what you are thinking, great for authentic social media posting. I agree! No imagination or staging needed here as the views and excitement will be real!

Those who are joining us are leaders of a different kind.  They inspire personal growth, financial success, contribution and networking by taking professional development out of the traditional office and onto the ocean blue.  Our intermissions of live entertainment, unlimited varieties of food, bonding, and still leaving time for our own personal pampering needs will offer the perfect environment to generate unlimited ideas a long side these salt island beauties.

As a multiple International Bestselling Author and Self-Publishing Strategist, I am proud to say I have earned this cruise conference.  As an entrepreneur I own every risk and experience.  As they say, the good, bad and ugly all that comes with business ownership.

I am passionate about the self-publishing industry as I encourage people to find their voice and own their manuscripts 100% until a winning deal can be offered.  I am proud to say over the years I have documented experience with successful self-publishing projects for business owners, authors, publishers, as well as for, collaborative books.  Our team has lifted many authors into bestseller status smoothly and affordably.

On this cruise conference I will be speaking about, “The 8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success” to an audience of professional men and women who enthusiastically will join us on board.  I am confident there will be one or two book worthy stories that will surface, as our photography, video and leadership teams fill up with ideas and explore four delightful Caribbean Islands together.

This powerful inspirational working cruise offers everyone the opportunity to recognize their own author within.  The best reward of all will come when that new book project is birthed on the stern of this massive ship.

Our devoted professional collaborative team waits ashore with open arms to convert each special story into a unique quality book that can be edited, formatted, fully designed to expand into a focused marketing launch on multiple publishing platforms that go beyond Amazon.

If you have ever contemplated becoming a self-published author, and would like to cruise into self-publishing on or off this ship, I look forward to speaking with you.  Our team is here to help your manuscript sail into success as we provide the map to your book production schedule and launch into bestseller.

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