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“I absolutely love all of the personal and professional relationships I have made around the globe through social media!  Life and business is about adding value to the lives of those you meet. Using the strategies supercharged my ability to engage, respond and share information my friends, potential clients, colleagues and customers value. Outstanding! ”

~ Joyce White Nelson of

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“Wow! This platform eliminates those boring Social Media tasks so I can get to the SEO results my clients are asking for. aBeansTalk Social saves me time and money. Thanks this is amazing!!!!”
~Linda Sloan Social Media Director KRATOS Marketing Team
"There are many tools on the market that can help a social media manager like myself but frankly I find they are overkill and filled with many features/options I don't need nor have time to learn. I love the straightforward approach of aBeansTalkSocial.
Buddy Little - TeamEndlessMinds
“Being self-employed, I understood the significance of Social Media’s role in the future success of my business. Finally with aBeansTalk Social I do not feel overwhelmed. This platform makes business social fun and easy to use, even at my age. I only have one login to remember for all my Social Media Networks, with powerful analytics all in one place. Hallelujah!”
~ Sherry Denny, CO