Are you passionate about your business?

I understand! As an entrepreneur and the managing partner of two social media platforms making contact can help me learn more about you and your business.

If you are a business owner with a clear picture of your business, your market, have you been frustrated trying to figure out how to use Social Media effectively to attract customers to you?
The incredible reach of social media in business is not just for companies that have the experience, staff, or budget. There are winning teams that bring real people, with heart felt passions to create organic success adding simple Social Media techniques to their business model. On-line workshops have become fun gateways to meet other entrepreneurs as you learn, grow, share and expand your businesses.

It is clear there is an opportunity for small business to participate in the virtual benefits of Social Media today. When you recognize the time is NOW, your business can leap ahead of your competition.

aBeansTalkSocial is an All-InOne Social Media Platform for Small Business that begins focusing on how you currently use and how YOU CAN USE Social Media in an affordable efficient way. Is it time to turn your customers into your volunteer marketing army creating results that save you time and money?

If yes:

  • How would you like to log into all your Social Media through an all-in-one platform? That is right, you only have to remember one log in rather than one for your Website, one for your Facebook Account, one for your Twitter Account, one for your Google Account, one for Video Channel, Pinterest, Yelp, City Search, TripAdvisor, and more;
  •  …and How would you like to schedule out all your posts, workshops, trainings, promotions, product specials and blogs up to 12 months in advance? Imagine, spending only one hour a week or one day a month to manage all your campaigns, messages, trainings, blogs up to 12 months in advance giving you time to focus, listen and engage with your prospects and customers;
  • …and How would you like each and every one of your Social Media Posts to be Branded with your company LOGO and your company website link? That is an additional option aBeansTalkSocial offers business owners using its most popular platform services (Cool Beans and above);
  • …and How would you like to monitor your competition, or more importantly your own reputation or that of your company’s? Yes, you can use key word monitoring, like your competitors name, your name or your company name, to connect by reading, hearing, watching what your competition is doing and what your customers are saying about you and your business;
  • …and How would you like to drill down on conversations up to a mile radius of your office by zip code or state or country, using related key words to your business? i.e. if you were a weight loss company or represent a weight loss product, if anyone used the key words “weight loss” or “losing weight” you can track that conversation to begin reaching out to those individuals to begin building a common dialog;
  • …and it is in an all-in-one platform includes 100’s of personalized analytics (Facebook, Google, Twitter & more), templates, widgets and a lot more!


If we don’t know who you are, we can’t support you. Can you help us help you by providing a way to reach out? We will keep your info confidential and assign one of our professionals to collaborate a complimentary one-on-one with you, an exclusive preview with your whole team or invite you to join in on our live webinars.

Virtually meet our winning team of entrepreneurs from the comfort of your own home office. Let us become a resource to support you as you learn more about these simple secrets that will expand your business, save you time and money. Thanks for stopping by and let’s get you started at NO RISK today so you can Jump’n!

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