Social Media Means Business!

Social Media is for Social, not for Business! WRONG! Do you still believe this?  The thought of jump’n into the ocean when you barely know which stroke to use can bring up the questions like:  where do we begin; how difficult is this; do we have enough time to learn this; what will our learning curve be; how much time will this take us; will they hear our voice; is this smart during such an uncertain times; will we make it? For businesses owners who barely have their head above water, the thought of taking on Social Media for their Business can feel like floating in the ocean without a raft.  The idea to manage something that changes quickly and trust flowing with the currents, can challenge our ability to navigate and may require intense focus. By planning ahead and looking at the larger map, perspective develops. We must learn to flow with those points of chaos like:
  • What is the BIG Picture?
  • Do we integrate our Traditional Marketing into Social Media?
  • Is our Website up-to-date?  Is it Secure?  Is it Responsive?
  • Are Blogs still important?  What type ofRead More >

Are you listening to your customers or just broadcasting?

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.”  ~ Brain Solis For those business owners who have plugged into Social Media, they noticed the shift away from businesses broadcasting their messages to businesses listening to their customers.  Social Media has helped us learn how to connect, build value with our audience, customers, patients and clients again.Technology appeared to get in our way when our overload actually came from the challenges of adapting quickly to all the changes required in the massive growth of digital communication and social networking companies.   Social Media for the New Year appears to be creating extreme shifts magnifying the old fashion concept of using two ears and a mouth in proportion.  Most new and established companies are enhancing their businesses participation in Social Media.  Embrace it, and don’t look back. Social Media is here to stay & improving B2C and B2B every day. “Please Repeat: Influence is NOT Popularity!”  ~ Brian Solis Here are some questions to considerRead More >

Is Social Media right for your Business?

If you are a business owner you have a clear picture of your Business and Market … have you been frustrated trying figuring out how to use Social Media effectively to attract customers to you? You know your business, you have done your market research, and you understand there is a customer demand for your product or service, yet you are still asking yourself, how come my prospects and customers can’t find me? This has been the Million Dollar question that tends to be the ongoing nagging challenge for business owners. Have you considered using Social Media for business? I can honestly say it was easy to get frustrated and to under appreciate social media for business due to the overwhelming confusion the industry had gone through in its birthing process. The learning curves required for you to plug in was taking you away from your day to day tasks, making you feel like you were firefighting the changes in Social Media instead of focusing on your customers and business. This distraction as Social Media was establishing its roots and networks forced business owners to put this technology on the back burnerRead More >