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“aBeansTalkSocial.com’s services collaborates the focus to help my clients market their leadership uniquely.   Business Owners who become a self-published Author or co-Author will watch their business expand, flowing over into brand recognition.  It offers additional engagement to their sites, which is one simple reason I can endorse these targeted, affordable services.”

~ Michelle Evans, Michelle is an SEO Expert and the Co-Founder of www.SpartanWebsites.com 

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“Wow! This platform eliminates those boring Social Media tasks so I can get to the SEO results my clients are asking for. aBeansTalk Social saves me time and money. Thanks this is amazing!!!!”
~Linda Sloan Social Media Director KRATOS Marketing Team
"There are many tools on the market that can help a social media manager like myself but frankly I find they are overkill and filled with many features/options I don't need nor have time to learn. I love the straightforward approach of aBeansTalkSocial.
Buddy Little - TeamEndlessMinds
“Being self-employed, I understood the significance of Social Media’s role in the future success of my business. Finally with aBeansTalk Social I do not feel overwhelmed. This platform makes business social fun and easy to use, even at my age. I only have one login to remember for all my Social Media Networks, with powerful analytics all in one place. Hallelujah!”
~ Sherry Denny, CO